an introduction

Hello and welcome! I’m glad you found me – you’re sure to be entering the ride of your life!!

Why have I all of a sudden decided to blog my life? Why would anyone want to know what I am up to? Lying wide awake struggling to get to sleep last night, I had this crazy idea to start a blog. I have always wanted to start a small project like this, to hopefully become a successful, well known blogger (big dreams, I know), and have finally made this small dream into a reality. I have always wanted to become ‘Insta Famous’. How awesome would that be? Like seriously, how does someone just start blogging their outfits and food and then BAM, they have one million followers? (If you have any tips on this, please send them my way!).

I experienced a pretty amazing 2017. I mean, a lot of countries and cities were travelled, a lot of money was spent and a lot of coffee was drank – you will soon learn of my bad obsession with a cappuccino, (I am currently sitting in a cafe sipping away writing this). BUT this amazing 2017, has made me an extremely unsettled, quite sad and unsure 21 year old entering 2018. Unsettled enough to have already booked five holidays before July (help me). Spending four amazing months studying in Buffalo, has left me uncertain and sad. I experienced reverse cultural shock. Having to adapt BACK into the Australian culture, traditions and weather. I thought this would be quite easy, but no. I started to miss the American way of living, the fatty food and driving on the right side of the road. To this day, I still sometimes walk to the passenger seat thinking its the driver’s seat!

But who am I? I have started to explain and write about my life, without actually introducing myself (such a beginner). My name is Courtney and I am currently a poor 21 year old student with big plans and no money (I’m sure many of you can relate). I am currently in my final year of studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) here in Adelaide. I am a HUGE foodie, very fond of smashed avo (typical) and eating healthy (well I try). My fav dish in the world is stirfry. I just cannot get past the deliciousness of this simple, yet tasty dish. If I was allowed, I would eat this for lunch and dinner everyday (not brekky thought, thats a bit OTT).

Anyways, this has been an extremely weird post, not sure where I was going with this! I am aiming to write a post once a week, discussing all matters of my life. If you have any suggestions of what I should blog about, please share them with me!

Thank you for finding me – I am SO excited to share my life with you xx


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